Office Hours

Currently the foundation supports researchers with office hours of 10 AM – 4 PM on Thursday and Friday (May-September). During the rest of the year the office is normally opened from 10 AM – 4 PM on Fridays, weather permitting. Closed on holidays including Friday after Thanksgiving and between Christmas and New Years.

We try to support researchers who cannot get to the office during those hours. Please email us at research_support@graysonheritage.org or (276) 773-2126. Note that you will probably get our voice mail. So leave a message. We will try to check for messages about once a day and get call you back. In short e-mail or call at least one day before you would like to visit the office.
Office Location

The office is in the Guynn Shopping Center Mini-Mall (see map) at 578 East Main Street in Independence, Virginia. This shopping center is on the south side on Main Street near the high school. Park near the Dollar store in the shopping center. Enter the Mini-Mall and look for our door about half way down the hall on your left.

The Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Virginia. The corporation is governed by state statute and by its articles of incorporation and by-laws.

We have been operating an office to help researchers and accepting memberships and donations from interested individuals and since 1 June 2007.

Contact Information

The mailing address of the Foundation is:
Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 679
Independence, VA 24348

The physical location of the Foundation office is:
Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation
578 F East Main Street
Independence, VA 24348

Phone: (276) 773-2126

Or N36.6211 W81.1413

Goals and Resources

The Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation is established to promote, preserve and educate the cultural and family heritages of Grayson County, Virginia. We are a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The purposes of the foundation as enumerated in the bylaws include:

1. To educate the members of the association and the public at large about the history and heritage of Grayson County, Virginia and adjacent areas.

2. To collect and preserve historical data, cultural information, physical and real property associated with the history and people of Grayson County. This data or property may include published books, sound recordings, written manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, personal property and real property. Acquisition may be through loan, gift or purchase. Purchase of materials shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

3. To promote research into the archeology, architecture, arts, crafts, genealogy, history, and music of the area. The Foundation may publish findings in the form of books, newsletters, lectures, or electronic formats which may exist or may come into existence in the future.

4. The Foundation shall assist in the preservation of historic sites, structures, monuments, or other materials of historic, aesthetic, artistic, or architectural value.

5. The Foundation shall discourage the destruction or alteration of physical objects of historical value until a thorough study of the object has been made.

6. The Foundation may as resources permit, provide a place to study, display and preserve records and physical objects associated with the history of Grayson County, Virginia.

7. The Foundation shall cooperate with other people, organizations, or governments in these purposes

8. The Foundation may seek grants of funds or cooperative agreements with individuals, other organizations or governmental bodies to pursue these goals.