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This page is intended to be a central point to collect information about early families of Grayson County, Virginia.  
Research into the early families of Grayson is difficult because many of the records that researchers depend on never existed, were destroyed or are incomplete.  This makes it difficult to determine who was in Grayson, where they came from, and who their descendants are.  The goal here is to gather the best information available about as many of these early families as we can.

The articles here concentrate on the ancestors and origins of these early families.  In general any discussions of their descendants will be limited to one or two generations.   It is well beyond the scope of this effort to extend any of the descendant research to the current generations.  

Who are the Early Families

Our initial definition of Early Families of Grayson is any individual or family who resided within the current boundaries of Grayson County in 1840 or earlier.  This includes land owners, slaves, tenants, merchants, etc.   Most of the reports covered here will be about the white land owners whose descendants stayed in the county for several generations.  

Participation Requirements

At this time the articles included here are primarily by members of the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation.  To post an article here an author must agree to participate in a review process and in a continuing process of discussion and revision.  These requirements include:
  • Publication of the article here must not violate any existing copyright
  • Sources must be cited:
    • Use primary source (wills, deeds, and other legal documents) to the extent possible
    • Use books, articles, Internet pages, etc with caution.  Consider that those authors may have gotten some things wrong.  We want to correct past errors not propagate them.
    • Use "family tradition" with care.  If you include it identify it as family tradition and verify that the tradition does not conflict with verifiable facts.
    • DNA analysis results are a new source that can verify other research or point researchers in a new direction.  
  • Articles will be reviewed.  Any questions or conflicts identified by reviewers must be resolved for the articles to remain on this site.
    • Author must correct errors identified during review
    • Author must acknowledge in the article any legitimate alternative interpretation of the existing data
  • The files use here allow multiple people to collaborate in writing and maintaining them.  Authors are encouraged to collaborate with fellow researchers.

Adding Your Comments

See the Google Moderator at the end of this page.  You can ask questions and make comments about the reports presented here.  With your constructive comments we can improve the quality of the information presented here.

The Families


William Bourn 1743 -1836


Descendants of Thomas Jones




11 Generations to the First Immigrant Osborn

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