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Books and Other Items for Sale

Grayson Records

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Settlers of Old Grayson: A Finding Aid
Settlers of Old Grayson: A Finding Aid
After helping many researchers look for their ancestors in old Grayson it eventually became clear that a master list that is based on all of the available records would be of great use in the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation office. This book is the result of several hundred hours of transcribing information from published books, Internet pages, U.S. census, and county courthouse documents. The intent here is to point the researcher to the primary sources.  This book covers some of the earliest available records for present day Grayson and Carroll counties up through 1842 when the two counties split. For a preview of the contents of this book go to our storefront on Lulu.com

Grayson and Galax Cemeteries

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Those Who Sleep
Here: Grayson County, Virginia Cemeteries
This three volume set lists burials for over 500 Grayson County, Virginia cemeteries. It includes the names of over 25,000 individuals.  In addition to birth and death dates from the stones we have included information on parents, spouses, and military service for many individuals.
Select these volumes in soft cover or hard cover version.

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Those Who Sleep Here: Galax, Virginia Cemeteries
Those Who Sleep Here: Galax, Virginia Cemeteries
This book lists the burials in the cemeteries within the city limits of Galax, Virginia. These include cemeteries that are in the counties of Grayson and Carroll. There are over 6,000 individuals listed in this book.  There is no overlap between this book and the Grayson County books.
Soft Cover/Hard Cover  

Our Grayson Heritage

Our Grayson Heritage  Our Grayson Heritage is the annual journal of the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation. These journals contain articles on the history and heritage of Grayson County, Virginia.  
The journal is published annually in November.  The 2007 through 2014 journals are available for purchase here and in our office. 
Members can purchase additional copies for $8.  Non-members can purchase copies for $10.
Our Grayson Heritage - 2015
Our Grayson Heritage 2015

 Our Grayson Heritage - 2014
Our Grayson Heritage 2014
Our Grayson Heritage - 2013
Our Grayson Heritage -2012 
Our Grayson Heritage - 2011

Our Grayson Heritage - 2010
Our Grayson Heritage 2010
Our Grayson Heritage – 2009
Our Grayson Heritage 2009
Our Grayson Heritage - 2008
Our Grayson Heritage 2008 
Our Grayson Heritage - 2007
Our Grayson Heritage 2007

Grayson County Marriages

The following volumes contain information extracted from marriage registrations issued in Grayson County, Virginia. Information include names, ages, occupation, birth place, and previous marital status of the bride and groom. Also included are the parents of the bride and groom. Each volume includes an index to the brides and an index to the grooms.

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Grayson County Marriages, 1853-1898 A revision of two books originally published by Jeff Weaver in 1992.  
Paperback, 195 pages  
Grayson County Marriages, 1899-1909 This volume completes the work started by Jeffrey Weaver on Grayson County Marriage Register 2 and includes the early years of Marriage Register 3.  
Paperback, 120 pages 
Grayson County Marriages, 1910-1923 Paperback, 139 pages $20.00
Grayson County Marriages, 1924-1931 By the end of this period many of the marriages performed in the county were those of couples from North Carolina, at least some of whom opted for the lesser cost for a Virginia license.  
Paperback, 144 pages 

Miscellaneous Items

The following are books and other items related to families, history, and life in Grayson. Some of these have limited availability through us and may not be restocked when we sell our final copy.

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Baywood - compiled and typed by Pat Davis From the introduction: “The little community of Baywood has made a big change over the years.  We are going to turn back time and look at some of the landmarks and people who have worked so diligently to make our community a great place to live.”
This 300+ page book was published in 1990.  It covers much of the history of the section of Grayson County, Virginia that is between Independence and Galax and south of the New River.  If you have family from the Baywood area this is a book you’ll want to have in your collection.  We have a few copies of this book for sale.  We may be able to get more if we sell them all.
 - $30.00 -

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1897 Grayson County Map This approximatly 19″ x 30″ map shows many land owners, place names, roads, water ways, mountains, and resources of 1897 Grayson County.  -$4.00- 
The Cotton Mill By Jerry L. Haynes This novel by a local author give you a flavor of life in a company town in Grayson County
Follow the life of Jason Campbell over a span of 55 years. Learn the joys, and hardships, of growing up in a small southern cotton mill town in the latter part of the 20th Century. From catching craw-dads to look for pearls, to the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat on the football field, from a meteoric rise to the top as a writer, to hitting the bottom as a person, watch how Jason’s life parallels, converges, and diverges with that of the Fries Cotton Mill. Once again, this will come with a nostalgic print by my cousin Ravin.
– $19.95 -

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