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By-Laws of the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation

PREAMBLE: Grayson County, Virginia, is located in the Blue Ridge Plateau of Southwest Virginia. The physical isolation of the place has enabled many cultural practices, customs and crafts to survive here, unique in America and Virginia. Because of this heritage we proclaim the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation.

Article I – Name

This organization shall be known as the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation.” It shall be a non-profit organization under Section 501c3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Article II – Purposes

The purposes of the association shall include:

  1. To educate the members of the association and the public at large about the history and heritage of Grayson County, Virginia and adjacent areas.
  2. To collect and preserve historical data, cultural information, physical and real property associated with the history and people of Grayson County. This data or property may include published books, sound recordings, written manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, personal property and real property.

    Acquisition may be through loan, gift or purchase. Purchase of materials shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  3. To promote research into the archeology, architecture, arts, crafts, genealogy, history, and music of the area. The Foundation may publish findings in the form of books, newsletters, lectures, or electronic formats which may exist or may come into existence in the future.
  4. The Foundation shall assist in the preservation of historic sites, structures, monuments, or other materials of historic, aesthetic, artistic, or architectural value.
  5. The Foundation shall discourage the destruction or alteration of physical objects of historical value until a thorough study of the object has been made.
  6. The Foundation may as resources permit, provide a place to study, display and preserve records and physical objects associated with the history of Grayson County, Virginia.
  7. The Foundation shall cooperate with other people, organizations, or governments in these purposes.
  8. The Foundation may seek grants of funds or cooperative agreements with individuals, other organizations or governmental bodies to pursue these goals.

Article III – Membership

  1. Membership in the association shall be open to any person or organization interested in the purposes of the Foundation. An interest in the history and culture of Grayson County in its varied formats, payment of prescribed dues, and agreement to follow the precepts of this charter and by-laws shall be the only qualification for membership. It shall be the policy of the Foundation to seek the widest possible participation in membership and programs the Foundation shall promote.
  2. Charter members of the Foundation shall be those who have paid dues on or before December 31, 2007. The secretary shall record and preserve this list of members.
  3. Membership – Active members are those who have paid their current annual dues.i. Dues may be modified annually by the board of directors if warranted.
  4. Donations – Donations of monies to the Foundation above and beyond prescribed dues shall be acknowledged by receipt from the treasurer.

Article IV – Meetings

The Foundation shall hold its annual meeting in July of each year.

This shall also be the time for election of members of the board of directors. The place of this meeting shall be determined by the Chair person of the Board of Trustees and shall be within the physical bounds of Grayson County, Virginia. Notice of this meeting and ballots for members of the board of directors shall be sent at least 30 days prior to the meeting. Ballots should be returned in sufficient time to reach the secretary 5 (five) days prior to the meeting, and they shall be opened and counted at the meeting.

Article V – Officers

The Foundation shall be governed in its daily operations by a Board of Trustees. The number of Trustees shall be a minimum of 7 including the 4 officers. This board’s officers shall include:

  • A chair, who shall preside at meetings unless providentially hindered.
  • A vice chair, who shall preside in case the chair is unable to do so.
  • A treasurer who shall be responsible for the financial concerns of the Foundation. The treasurer shall also be responsible for filing appropriate reports and documents necessary to maintain the Foundations non-profit status.
  • A secretary, who shall take minutes of the meetings, maintain lists of members, and other correspondence of the Foundation.

Article VI – Committees

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees may form committees to assist in the various activities of the Foundation. Members of these committees may consist of any interested parties.

Article VII – Political Activities

The Foundation shall not participate in political activities at any level, nor shall the Foundation endorse any candidate for any elective office.

Article VIII

The Foundation’s meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (Latest edition).

Article IX

Amendments to these by-laws may be made by a majority of votes cast by the general membership.

By-Laws as modified and approved by ballot in July 2010