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Grayson Cemeteries

There are over 500 cemeteries in Grayson County, many of which are family cemeteries, usually on or near the family farm. GCVHF has produced lists and maps to help you find the location of these cemeteries. Although Virginia law allows access to family cemeteries by descendants and researchers, ALWAYS get permission from the land owner, where possible. See the details here.


Click on one of the “View Map” links below to open a new window with a Google map view of the cemeteries on a road map or satellite view, respectively. Select the location icon to identify a cemetery, and work out driving directions. The names and numbers shown on these maps are the same used in the Grayson County Cemetery books sold in the GCVHF Store.

Cemeteries on a Road Map

Cemeteries on a Satellite Map

Following is an alphabetical list of cemeteries identified in Grayson County. The number after each name is the key used to identify the cemetery in the Grayson cemetery books sold in our online store and on the maps above.

Grayson County, Virginia Cemeteries
CemeteryBook IDCemeteryBook ID
Adams Cemetery (Grant)1419Kendrick Ridge Cemetery2528
Adams Cemetery (Troutdale)1409Kilby Cemetery2315
Anders Family Cemetery2654King Cemetery2836
Anders, Berry Cemetery2730Kirby-Poole Cemetery2916
Anders, Osborne R. Cemetery2636Kirk, Jacob Cemetery2534
Anderson Cemetery (Buck Mt.)2502Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery1621
Anderson Family Cemetery2501Leftwich Cemetery2827
Anderson Hill Cemetery1415Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery2402
Anderson-Hash Cemetery2504Liberty Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery1806
Anderson, John Family Cemetery1517Linton Cemetery2853
Andrews Cemetery2859Little Wilson United Methodist Church Cemetery2421
Atkins Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery1810Livesay-Ross Cemetery1522
Austin-Murray Cemetery2850Livesay, Frank Cemetery1520
Austin, John Family Cemetery2814Long, Henry Cemetery1518
Bald Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery1528Long, William Cemetery1633
Baldwin, William D. Family Cemetery2206Lost Cemetery2517
Baldwin, William M. Cemetery2208Lovelace Cemetery2548
Ball Family Cemetery2321Mallory, Alford S. Memorial Cemetery1802
Ballard, Amos Cemetery2805Mallory, Joel Family Cemetery1809
Baptist Union Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery1516Marsh, Bob Cemetery2632
Barnes Family Cemetery2328Martin Family Cemetery2648
Bartlett Cemetery Site1820Maxwell-Boyer Cemetery (A-A)2808
Bartlett Slave Cemetery Site1819McBride Cemetery2714
Barton Grave Site2622McCarroll Cemetery2413
Barton’s Crossroads Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2409McKenzie Cemetery1901
Baumgardner Cemetery1829McKnight Family Cemetery2847
Baywood Methodist Church Cemetery2833McLean-Perkins Cemetery1715
Bedwell-Wiley Cemetery2707McMillan´s Children, Graves of John Tucker2857
Bedwell, Levi Cemetery1624Meadow Creek Church Cemetery (Old)2903
Beech Grove Baptist Church Cemetery2821Meadow Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery2909
Bethany Community Cemetery2647Mooney Cemetery1902
Bethel (Old) Cemetery2725Moore Cemetery1805
Beulah Methodist Church Cemetery1824Moore, Benjamin Cemetery2801
Big Spring Regular Baptist Church Cemetery2917Moore, Isaac Cemetery1811
Billings Cemetery2851Mount Campbell Cemetery1706
Blackburn, John Cemetery2445Mount Olivet Union Baptist Church Cemetery2861
Blevins (Caty Sage Rd.) Cemetery1610Mount Vale Cemetery2904
Blevins Cemetery2210Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery2640
Blevins, Alfred Cemetery2102Murphy, Calvin Cemetery2914
Blevins, Bynum H. Cemetery1414Murphy, Timothy Cemetery2910
Blevins, Jackie Grave Site2739Murray, Aaron P. Cemetery2653
Blevins, John Family Cemetery2844Nelson Family Cem1408
Blevins, Samuel Cemetery2864New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery2410
Bobbit Child Grave1532Nichols, David Memorial Cemetery2855
Bobbitt Cemetery2809Nuckolls Cemetery2811
Bolt Cemetery1304Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery (A-A)2609
Bonham (Old) Cemetery2405Old Town Cemetery2806
Bourne “Slave” Cemetery1808Old Town Memorial Cemetery (A-A)2807
Bourne Cemetery1709Osborne Children Cemetery2641
Bourne, Stephen Cemetery1720Osborne Fort Cemetery2623
Bourne, William Buck Cemetery1705Osborne-Williams Cemetery2426
Bourne, William F. Jr, Family Cemetery1722Osborne, Alexander Cemetery2614
Bourne, William Mitchell Cemetery1711Osborne, F.L. Cemetery2441
Boyer Cemetery2712Osborne, Herman Cemetery2703
Boyer-Davis Cemetery2915Osborne, John Cemetery2443
Boyer-Poe Cemetery2616Osborne, Preston B. Cemetery2810
Boyer, Churchwell Cemetery1635Osborne, Zachariah Cemetery2613
Boyer, Issac Cemetery2651Owen Cemetery2316
Brady, Shell M. Family Cemetery2201Padgett Family Cemetery1830
Brewer Cemetery2837Parks Family Cemetery1402
Brewer, Arthur Family Cemetery2516Parks Gravesite1307
Brewer, R. T. Family Cemetery2515Parks-Haga Children Cemetery1525
Bridle Creek Methodist Church Cemetery2626Parks, Daniel Isaac Family Cemetery1536
Brooks Cemetery2404Parks, George Washington Cemetery1527
Brooks, Smith Family Cemetery1301Parks, Isaac J. Cemetery1504
Brown-Osborn Cemetery2829Parks, James Cemetery1507
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery2652Parks, Nelson Cemetery1403
Bryant, Billy Family Cemetery2531Parks, Riley Preston Cemetery1422
Bryant, Charlie Family Cemetery2522Parks, William Kendricks Cemetery1421
Bryant, Lewis Cemetery2705Parsons, Robert Cemetery2543
Burton’s Chapel (Old) Baptist Church Cemetery1401Patton Cemetery1834
Burton’s Community  Cemetery1404Patton, Mumphord Family Cemetery1835
Byars Cemetery2204Patton, Thomas Cemetery1832
Byrd Family Cemetery1703Peak, Hugh Family Cemetery2450
Byrd, James Family Cemetery1807Peak, John Andrew Cemetery2451
Byrd, John Family Cemetery2819Perkins, Hiram Cemetery1510
Byrd, Samuel Family Cemetery1717Perkins, James C.A. Cemetery2427
Cabin Creek Cemetery2306Perkins, Wiley Cemetery2407
Calloway-Jennings Cemetery2732Perry-Lewis Cemetery2312
Campbell Cemetery1306Phipps Cemetery, Spencer Branch2317
Carrico, Abel IV Family Cemetery1732Phipps, Alexander Cemetery2523
Carrico, Columbus Cemetery2604Phipps, B. H. Family Cemetery2521
Carrico, Creed Family Cemetery1813Phipps, Benjamin Family Cemetery2607
Carrico, Elbert Cemetery1828Phipps, Isaiah Cemetery2520
Carrico, Miles Clark Family Cemetery1534Phipps, Troy Cemetery2612
Catron Family Cemetery1604Pickle-Peak Cemetery2437
Catron, Peter Kinley Family Cemetery1605Pickle Cemetery2408
Caudill Cemetery2645Pilgrim’s Rest Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2709
Cave Cemetery2212Pine Branch Cemetery2510
Cave-Walton Cemetery1413Pleasant Branch Cemetery2440
Central Cemetery1519Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery2735
Cheeter Family Cemetery2303Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery1731
Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery2706Pleasant Springs Methodist Church north Cemetery1541
Coe Cemetery2213Pool, John Riley Cemetery2722
Cold Springs Methodist Church Cemetery1801Poole Cemetery2865
Cole, David Cemetery1515Poole-Burris Cemetery1713
Cole, Linder Cemetery2311Potato Creek Methodist Church Cemetery2551
Cole, Reeves Cemetery2704Powers, H.G. Family Cemetery2313
Collins Family Cemetery2839Providence Methodist Church Cemetery1825
Collins, A. S. Cemetery2863Pugh-Greear Cemetery2416
Collins, John Cemetery2830Pugh-Haynes Cemetery2455
Collins, Randolph Family Cemetery2860Pugh, Felix Cemetery2429
Collins, Wiley Cemetery2840Pugh, Herald Cemetery2417
Combs Cemetery2866Pugh, Mitchell Cemetery2418
Comer, John Cemetery1608Pugh, Samuel Cemetery2432
Comer, Jonathan  Cemetery1412Pugh, Stephen T. Family Cemetery2419
Comer, William Jefferson Cemetery1613Pugh, William Fam Cemetery2453
Comers Creek Baptist Church Cemetery1303Quillin Family Cemetery2439
Comers Rock Baptist Church Cemetery1606Rankin Cemetery2902
Comers Rock Cemetery1603Razor Ridge Cemetery1420
Coomes Cemetery2854Rector Family Cemetery2862
Corinth Baptist Church2436Reedy, Abram Family Plot2326
Cornett, Alfred Family Cemetery1537Reedy, Bill Cemetery2327
Cornett, Archelous Family Cemetery1607Reedy, Eli Cemetery2423
Cornett, Francis Family Cemetery1710Reedy, Mitchell Cemetery2444
Cornett, Jessie Cemetery1614Reedy, Peter Cemetery2438
Cornett, Kenly Family Cemetery1632Reedy, S.D. Cemetery2446
Cornett, Loyd Family Cemetery1533Reeves-Elliott Cemetery2650
Cornett, Reuben Family Cemetery1538Reeves-Jarvis Cemetery2554
Cornett, Rufus Crockett Cemetery1535Reeves, George Cemetery (Lt.)2731
Cornett, William Cemetery1725Reeves, George D. Cemetery2452
Cox-Shaw Cemetery2738Reeves, Hardin Cemetery2726
Cox, A.B. Cemetery2527Reeves, Wayne Cemetery2729
Cox, David (Lt.) Cemetery2733Rhudy, William Family Cemetery1724
Cox, David Cemetery2628Richardson Cemetery2320
Cox, Enoch W. Family Cemetery2631Richardson, John A. Cemetery2324
Cox, Hardin Cemetery2642Ring Family Cemetery1827
Cox, Isom Cemetery2630Roberts, Joe Cemetery1523
Cox, Jesse Family Cemetery2533Roberts, Jonathan Family Cemetery1508
Cox, John D. Cemetery2553Roberts, Lorenzo Dow Cemetery1512
Cox, Joshua Family Cemetery2552Roberts, William Family Cemetery1539
Cox, Joshua Mack Cemetery2615Robinson-Fields Family2832
Cox, Reed Cemetery (A-A)2525Robinson, Alexander Cemetery2823
Cox, Sam Cemetery2737Robinson, John D. Cemetery2831
Cox, Samuel B. Family Cemetery2625Robinson, William Cemetery2822
Cox, Thomas M. Cemetery2540Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2717
Cox’s Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery2633Rockbridge Baptist Church Cemetery2406
Cress Children Cemetery1529Roop Cemetery2219
Crossroads (Baywood) Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2834Rose Cemetery2621
Daily Knob Cemtery1526Ross Cemetery1501
Dalton Grave Site1821Ross-Parks Cemetery1506
Daniel Cemetery2424Ross, Byram Cemetery1418
Davis Cemetery2216Ross, Jesse Cemetery1503
Davis-Peak-Pugh Cemetery2449Ross, John Cemetery1505
Davis, Alexander Cemetery2619Ross, Troy Cemetery1405
Davis, James Matterson Cemetery2217Ross, Wilborn Family Cemetery2542
Davis, John M. Cemetery2711Russell-Testerman Cemetery1513
Davis, Jonathan Cemetery2907Russell, Calvin Cemetery2505
Delp Children Cemetery1540Rutherford, Allen Cemetery [1]2550
Delp, George Family Cemetery1611Rutherford, Allen Cemetery [2]2431
Delp, George W. Cemetery2549Rutherford, Anderson Family Cemetery2547
Dickenson, John Family Cemetery2802Rutherford, Thompson2425
Dickey Family Cemetery2603Saddle Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2611
Dickey, Matthew Cemetery2719Sage, James Cemetery1618
Dolinger, Martha Burial Site2214Saint John’s Church Cemetery (A-A)1602
Duvall Family Cemetery2318Salem Methodist Church Cemetery1634
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery1718Senter Cemetery2458
Elk Creek (Old) Cemetery1620Sexton, David Cemetery2605
Elk Creek Community Cemetery1619Sexton, Elijah Franklin Cemetery2308
Elliott, Abraham Family Cemetery2727Sexton, John Family Cemetery2723
Elliott, William Jefferson Family Cemetery2724Shaver Family Cemetery2627
Fairview Memorial Gardens2919Shelton Cemetery2414
Fairwood Cemetery1305Shuler Cemetery1509
Farmer, William Cemetery2639Shuler Family Cemetery1531
Fees Ridge Cemetery2314Shupe Cemetery1804
Fielder Cemetery1708Sixteen Acre Field Cemetery1625
Fields Memorial Cemetery2820Smith Family Cemetery2920
Flat Rock Methodist Church Cemetery2715Smith-Cooley Cemetery2846
Forest Methodist Church Cemetery1622Smith, Howard Grave2858
Fox Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery2532Snow Hill Baptist Church Cemetery2913
Fries Cemetery1822Spencer Cemetery2447
Fulton (Old) Cemetery1726Spencer, David M. Family Cemetery2448
Fulton, Elbert C. Cemetery2720Stamper, Ephriam Cemetery1521
Fulton, Reid Cemetery2713Stevens Creek Church of God of Prophecy Cemetery1816
Funk Family Cemetery1823Stevens Creek Methodist Church Cemetery1814
Funk, Andrew Cemetery1714Stone, Jeremiah Cemetery1616
Funk, Hobert Cemetery1723Stone, William Cemetery1626
Galyean Cemetery2852Stoneman Cemetery2906
Galyen, James Family Cemetery2721Sullivan Cemetery1410
Gentry, Ephraim Cemetery2734Summerfield Methodist Church Cemetery1727
Gilham Family Cemetery2643Sutherland Grave1623
Glades Burial Site2911Sutherland, Alexander Family Cemetery1615
Glades Memorial Cemetery2912Sutherland, R.H. Cemetery1617
Goins Cemetery (A- A)2817Swinney Cemetery1803
Gold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (New)2535Taylor Cemetery1812
Gold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Old)2537Taylor, Ben Cemetery2637
Goodson Family Cemetery2921Taylor, W. N. Cemetery2646
Grace Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery2526Thomas Cemetery2411
Grant Community Cemetery2415Thomas, F. S. Cemetery2620
Grayson Co. Poor Farm Cemetery2524Thomas, Haywood Family Cemetery2511
Greer Cemetery2305Todd and Wilson Cemeteries2842
Greer-Stamper Cemetery2207Troutdale Cemetery1406
Greer, John F. Fam Cem2454Tucker, Samuel Cemetery2323
Grubb, Cemetery1416Unnamed Blue Spring Rd Cemetery1524
Grubb, Jacob Family Cemetery2507Unnamed Cemetery2845
Grubb, William Cemetery2401Unnamed Spring Valley Rd. Cemetery1702
Grubbs Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery2508Untitled Cemetery2708
Hackler Cemetery1729Untitled Cemetery2716
Haga, Andrew Jackson Cemetery2638Upchurch Cemetery2301
Hale, Burris Family Cemetery1728Van Hoy Cemetery2442
Hale, Charles Cemetery1721Vaughan, James Cemetery2649
Hale, John Cemetery2702Vaughan, William Cemetery1719
Hale, Lewis Family Cemetery1629Vaught, Reece Cemetery1704
Hale, Stephen Cemetery1630Vertigan Family Cemetery2541
Hale, Wesley Cemetery1627Wagg Cemetery2456
Hale, William Cemetery1631Wagoner, Adam Cemetery2728
Hall Cemetery2718Walker-Parker Cemetery2101
Hall Family Cemetery2430Walls Cemetery2304
Hall, John Clen Family Cemetery2325Ward and Sexton Cemetery2610
Halsey, J. Mastin Farm Cemetery2546Ward Bachelor Cemetery2608
Halsey, Robert McCoy Family Cemetery2544Ward, Enoch Family Cemetery2624
Halsey, William C. Family Cemetery2545Ward, K.C. Family Cemetery2513
Halsey, William Family Cemetery2539Ward, Riley Family Cemetery2555
Hamm Cemetery2644Ward, Silas Family Cemetery2629
Hamm, Solomon Family Cemetery1502Ward, Wells Family Cemetery2606
Hamm, William Cemetery2635Warrick-Dufphey Cemetery2710
Hampton Cemetery (A-A)2816Warrick, F. K. Cemetery1826
Hampton-Collins Cemetery2838Watson, Elihu Family Cemetery1302
Hampton, Andrew  (Dr.) Cemetery2736Weaver, Gideon Family Cemetery2309
Hampton, Griggs Cemetery2825Weaver, Hampton Cemetery2209
Hampton, Joseph T. Cemetery2828Weaver, William Cemetery2215
Hampton, Littrelle Cemetery2824Weiss Cemetery2422
Hampton, Wade Cemetery2826Weiss, John Cemetery2329
Harrington Family Cemetery1530Wells Family Cemetery2428
Harrington, Charlie Homeplace2506Whitaker Cemetery2849
Hash-Osborne Family Cemetery2519White Top Baptist Church Cemetery2202
Hash, Allen Family Cemetery2529White Top Cemetery2211
Hash, James P. Cemetery2536Wiles Cemetery2310
Hash, Joseph Family Cemetery2514Wiles, Calvin Cemetery2322
Hash, Thomas Family Cemetery2530Williams Cemetery1815
Haven of Rest Cemetery2918Williams Family Cemetery2901
Haw Orchard Baptist Church Cemetery2307Williams-Watson Cemetery1407
Hensdell, George Washington Cemetery2701Williams, Floyd Cemetery2804
Higgins Family Cemetery2905Wilson, Curren Cemetery2841
Higgins Farm Cemetery2908Wilson, Howard Cemetery2815
Higgins, Andy Family Cemetery2848Wilson, Sam Cemetery2843
Hill Family Cemetery1817Wingate Cemetery2601
Hill, Authur Cemetery1818Wingate Children Cemetery2412
Hilltop Cemetery2434Wingate, Wright Family Cemetery2602
Hines Branch Methodist Church Cemetery1716Wingler Cemetery2205
Hoffman, Charles Cemetery2403Wingler, Willie Family Cemetery2203
Holdaway, Columbus Cemetery2509Woods Cemetery1417
Holdaway, Crockett Family Cemetery2512Wright Cemetery2803
Honey Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery1511Wright Cemetery (Elk Creek)1609
Howell, Ruth Cemetery2634Wright Family (Stones Chapel Rd) Cemetery1628
Hutchens, William H. Family Cemetery2813Wright, James Family Cemetery1612
Independence Cemetery2618Wright, Tolbert Family Cemetery1730
Independence Town Cemetery2617Wysong Family Cemetery1701
Jackson Family Cemetery1712Yarber Cemetery2818
James Cemetery1514Young, Andrew Cemetery1411
Jennings Cemetery2812Young, Ezekiel Cemetery2518
Jerusalem Methodist Church Cemetery1707Young, Fielden Cemetery2457
Johnson Cemetery1601Young, Fielden Mack Cemetery2420
Johnson Family Graves2856Young, Fields Family Cemetery2433
Jones (Buck Mt.) Cemetery2503Young, Jesse Cemetery2435
Jones-Garrison Cemetery1833Young, Staley (Dr.) Cemetery2835
Jones, Harrison Cemetery2218Young, Timothy F. Cemetery2319
Jones, Marshel Cemetery2302Young’s Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery2538
Jones, Minitree1831